What we do

Property Development

Property development

IBIC Properties specializes in property development in choice locations of the Lagos Metropolis. we currently engage the services of the best professionals in the industry to ensure we deliver top quality in all our processes from land acquisition, planning , construction to completion.

Property Listings

Property listing

We guarantee you a broader coverage, more inquiries ,quicker bids and sales due to leveraging on state of the art medium in digital marketing tools at our disposal , we also have a constantly updated database of HNIs (High Net -worth Individuals ) at our disposal which is unequaled and gives you an advantage over other real estate companies.

Facility Management

Facility Management

Our facility management offers you services that could cover day to day running, maintenance and refurbishment of your  property, we also offer concierge, cleaning  and other value added services that you may require.

Home Upgrade

home upgrade
Need  a face-lift for your home ? You’ve come to the right place ,we can transform your home from archaic to modern. We will turn your home into a fully automated and smart home masterpiece  or simply give you excellent and state of the art finishing at unbeatable prices that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Guaranteed Rent Assurance

home assurance
This is a service which transfers all the stress and hassles of handling your property  unto us and you get a percentage of your property’s worth on a yearly basis ,this is an added advantage in the case of properties  that are not in use and uninhabited as they can be put to good use and earn you money instead of sitting idly.

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures
We are always on the lookout for collaborative partnerships that will yield awe inspiring architectural masterpieces of high value.